Hamlet Stoves

Are you looking for a decent budget stove that's British built? If so the Hamlet range from Arada Stoves in Devon are a great option.

The Hamlet range are a similar style to the Ecoburn range however they have been simplified to allow for a more competitive pricing. The main differences between the Hamlets models and the Ecoburn models are:

  • Grate Type and steel quality if better in the Ecoburn range.

  • The Baffle in the Ecoburns is stainless steel versus mild steel in the Hamlet range.

  • The handle size is slightly larger on the Ecoburn range

  • The steel used for the stove body and lid is thicker in the Ecoburn range.

  • There are levelling feet on the Ecoburn range

  • The glass size is larger on most of the Ecoburn range

The Ecoburn range definitely has some plus points however for the money the Hamlet range are much better than most similarly priced Chinese imports.

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