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Firewood Fife delivered directly to your home by the experts at Calido Logs. We offer a variety of kiln dried firewood products to suit your needs and possibly space limitations. To complement our firewood, we also offer kindling and firelighters so that you are covered when it comes to starting your wood fire.

Note that if you were a previous customer of Fife Firewood ( we at Calido Logs were behind this providing all the services and deliveries to our loyal customer in and around Fife. Now, we’ve decided to amalgamate the two separate stores into our main brand – Calido Logs. This helps us streamline our process, improve our customer service and in general makes our operations more efficient. We hope that you will stick with us and not be put off by the change. Any questions, simply give us a call/message/email and we’ll do our best to help!

That’s me - John, about to load a delivery to a firewood Fife customer

That’s me – John, about to load a delivery to a firewood Fife customer

Our most popular firewood Fife product is our crate of logs which comes in its very own wood store! Typically, we will deliver these via a tail lift van, directly to your door. However, you need to ensure that there is suitable access – i.e. the terrain is level and firm such as concrete and the crate can be wheeled to the location you desire via a pallet truck. As long as that requirement is checked off then you have access to our top quality kiln dried firewood – in birch or ash – the choice is yours!

Calido Logs have customers from all over Scotland. Over the years we have gained a number of customers from our base in Stirling and now further afield such as Glasgow, Dundee, Edinburgh and many more surrounding areas. We are just a quick phone call, instant message or email away from getting top quality kiln dried firewood for your home or business.