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How do our payment plans work?

Our handy payment plans allow you to spread the cost of your firewood across the year rather than having the costs focused over a few months, especially when Christmas falls right in the middle of the heating season.

They are quick and simple to sign up to; payments are processed by direct debit from your bank account through GoCardless – an online payments service. Payments are totally secure and you as a customer are in control.

How much do I have to pay and how often?

We have put together a range of weekly and monthly payment plans starting from only £6 per week. Check out the pricing table below for full details of all our available plans.

How do I sign up?

You simply select a payment plan below, click on the link and subscribe to your preferred monthly payment amount. You’ll get an email so you can see what you have paid to us and each month you’ll get a reminder email before the money is taken from your bank.

Once I’ve signed up, how do I make a purchase?

Simply log on to, add your products to your basket and at checkout select “Pay from Prepaid Balance”. If you haven’t paid to cover the cost of your order we will get in touch with you to pay the balance of payment and your goods will be dispatched as usual.

Which products can I buy with my prepaid balance?

Although our payment plans are designed with firewood in mind, you can use your balance to purchase any of our products across the whole of our website. With logs, chimineas and stoves to choose from you can save up and pay against any product you like!

Can I pay by credit or debit card or does it need to be from my bank?

At the moment GoCardless only allows payments to be taken from bank accounts, if you would prefer payments to be taken from a credit card get in touch as we have another system that allows us to do this.

Monthly Prepayment Plans

Take 2 - Monthly

  • Occasional/Light Use
  • Based on 2 crates per annum
  • Payment taken on 3rd of each month*

Take 4 - Monthly

  • Medium Use
  • Based on 4 crates per annum
  • Payment taken on 3rd of each month*

Take 6 - Monthly

  • Frequent Use, just love being warm!
  • Based on 6 crates per annum
  • Payment taken on 3rd of each month*

Weekly Prepayment Plans

Take 2 - Weekly

  • Occasional/Light Use
  • Based on 2 crates per annum
  • Payments taken every Monday*

Take 4 - Weekly

  • Medium Use
  • Based on 4 crates per annum
  • Payments taken every Monday*

Take 6 - Weekly

  • Frequent use, just love being warm
  • Based on 6 crates per annum
  • Payments taken every Monday*
*Payment days and dates may vary slightly if the normal payment day/date falls on a bank holiday or weekend.

Terms and Conditions:

We want to keep things easy for everyone so we only have a few simple terms and conditions:
1. Credit built up can be used on any products on our website
2. If you want to order from your prepaid credit this can be done by email, text, phone call or by selecting “Pay from Prepaid Balance” at checkout if ordering online.
3. All orders must be paid for in full before they are dispatched. For example if you have prepaid £75 and your order comes to £155 the remaining £80 must be paid prior to dispatch. We will contact you in this instance for the balance which can be paid by debit or credit card, paypal or bank transfer.
4. If you decide you want your money back rather than to order from us that’s fine, we require 5 working days to progress this request – your money will be refunded in full, there will be no deductions.
5. If you want to know how much credit you have accumulated just get in touch by phone, email or text and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!