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Supplying Stoves in Stirling and across Scotland

Should you be looking for a wood burning stove, look no further, at Calido Logs we provide only the best quality wood and multi fuel stoves. Our products are available from our stove shop base in Stirling and we have a strong customer base across Scotland, including Angus, Arbroath, Brechin, Clackmannanshire, Dundee, Edinburgh, Fife, Forfar, Glasgow, Kirriemuir, Montrose, Penrith and Perth.

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At Calido Logs we have the experience and knowledge to ensure that the stoves we provide are only of the highest standard. Our team only stock quality stoves from renowned brands, meaning that either way you’ll be pleased with your new stove. Every client is different and so is every stove, so we’ll help to make sure that the stove product you choose meets your every preference and requirement.

Stove Installations

When it comes to your new stirling stove, at Calido Logs, our experts have a wealth of experience as well as all the required knowledge when it comes to helping you choose the perfect stove. What’s more is we only provide stoves of the highest standard, so you can trust that you’re in the right hands.

Our local stove showroom has a number of products on display from renowned stove brands, at Calido Logs, we provide a value for money service which includes only the most competitive stove prices across Scotland.

At Calido Logs, quality and service are very important for us and we ensure that we go the extra mile for each and every client.  The stoves at our showroom include Arada, Charnwood, Woodwarm, TermatechHenley, Dovre, Yeoman, Future Fires, Purevision, Fireline and Mendip.

Stove Specialists

Based in the historic Bandeath Industrial Estate, Stirling and we have access to more brands including Morso stoves and many more. Deciding on the perfect stove for you couldn’t be easier with Calido Logs, as keen stove users ourselves and from experience of speaking to lots of our firewood customers when out on deliveries around Stirling and across Scotland, we have gained a breadth of experience which we can use to help you choose the perfect wood burning or multi-fuel stove for your home, office or business.

Our HETAS approved installer will come and carry out a survey in your home or office free of charge and between us we will combine to make sure you get the correct stove for your needs. Unlike many HETAS installers our installation partner is also qualified to carry out boiler stove installations meaning as well as heating your favourite room you can heat the rest of your home too.

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We always recommend you have your stove installed by a competent person, if you have someone to install your stove we are able to do supply only if you provide us with a shopping list for flue liner, cowls, twin wall, hearths, mantles etc.

Stirling Stove Fans

Our professional stove services also cover stove fans, the perfect addition to your new stove. The fans we offer are great for circulating heat throughout the room, ensuring you get the full benefits of your stove. Stove fans are also a great addition as they help to maximise the energy from the stove as well as reducing your fuel consumption without taking away from the look and style of your new stove.

Stove Accessories

Now you have your brand new stove, Calido Logs can also help you with the stove accessories to go with your new purchase. Ensure you get the best out of your stove with our range of Fireside Accessories. From companion sets to log holders and log baskets to fireside carriers, we’ve got everything you need.

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With a selection of only the highest quality stoves available, at Calido Logs, our team of specialists will help you find the right stove to suit your requirements. When you choose Calido Logs for your stoves in Stirling, you’ll receive a professional service and top quality product, there’s no need to go anywhere else!

Calido Logs – your Local Stove Showroom and Shop

For more information on our products, feel free to give our team a ring, or see below for some of the excellent stove products we have in stock. We provide stoves in Glasgow and across Scotland.



How much wood will I need?

This will vary depending on the type and size of the stove you have, but from our experience, heating a room for a year will use around 15 cubic meters of wood. When purchasing firewood, loads can vary and at Calido Logs, we provide a firewood service which we can base around your needs, simply call our team should you have any questions.

What maintenance will my stove entail?

Regular cleaning of your stove will maintain the performance of the stove and make sure that the buildup of soot and tar is minimal. You should also check the stove for creosote deposits and any depth that exceeds 1/8 inch should be thoroughly cleaned. We also recommend you have your stove checked and inspected annually, they can also be swept if this is necessary. Doing this ensures your safety and stove efficiency.

What type of stove is right for me?

This depends on a number of factors such as the style and size of your property, as well as the level of insulation you have in your home. Another important factor is your budget for buying a new stove. Visit our stove showroom and have a look at the selection we have on offer, see which types of stoves you think would suit your home, our team can also provide recommendations based on your requirements.

Is running a stove economical?

Yes, under the right circumstances a wood burning stove can save you money, according to research, wood burners are around 77% cheaper per kilowatt hour to run than electrical fires, they’re 29% cheaper than gas fires and up to 50% cheaper to run than oil or LPG fires.

Should I buy a multi-fuel or wood burning stove?

It’s important that you work out which type of fuel you’d like before choosing your stove, some people tend to know the type of fuel they want to use before buying their stove. Some people tend to opt for wood burners as they’re carbon-neutral fuel and are more eco-friendly. Others prefer the flexibility of having the choice of what fuel they use for their stove. Multi-fuel stoves can burn wood, smokeless fuel and coal. Each of these materials burn differently but can be as effective as wood burning stoves.