As an expansion to our wood-based product range, we now sell top quality animal bedding. We currently stock Bedmax shavings, Britain’s best-selling brand of equestrian bedding.

We only supply our customers with what we believe is the very best which is why we have chosen Bedmax. Favoured by many major equestrian event organisers, equestrian professionals, vets, leading racing trainers and private owners. Bedmax is the premium choice for your stables.

Want to give it a try? It’s now available from our Stirling store or national delivery if required. You can pop in and buy as little as one bale to try it.

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Why use BEDMAX

Made principally from pine and being dust free, Bedmax bedding tackles key health and wellbeing issues for all stable horses, including leisure, competition and racing horses.BEDMAX shavings are made by people who own horses and understand the problems of caring for them. “Our goal is to safeguard your horses’ health and welfare in the stable”. BEDMAX is also “Easy to use and maintain with minimal waste. Therefore it is both time and cost-effective.”Bedmax are environmentally friendly and the approximately 3,000 tonnes of dust they extract each year from their shavings, are recycled into the popular and efficient Hotmax Fuel Logs.It is a cost-effective product as Bedmax often come out cheaper on a bag-for-bag and weight-for-weight basis, compared to their competitors. You won’t need as much of it to make a good, deep bed as other brands. Bedmax shavings last longer and manage waste more efficiently.