All Arada stoves are designed, built and tested in the UK to ensure full compliance with CE certification and UK building regulations. Within the Arada Family you have the traditional Villager range of stoves, the more modern Aarrow Stoves and the excellent Stratford boiler stoves.

Pop into our showroom to see the very popular Aarrow Ecoburn plus 5 widescreen, the Villager Duo and their budget offering, the Hamlet Solution 5 which is a quality stove for the price. As an approved reseller we can provide the Warranty cover on all Arada stove which ranges from 7 years to lifetime warranty depending on the model.

Our most popular model to date has been the Aarrow Ecoburn plus 5 widescreen. Being 5kw no additional room vents are usually required, it comes with a lifetime warranty and is multifuel ready with no additional costs for the grate etc. A small selection of the Arada range can be seen below, the full Arada range can be viewed on their website here and ordered via us at Calido Logs.

Arada woodburning and multifuel stoves

Showroom Stoves

We currently have the following stoves available to view in our showroom:
Arrow Ecoburn Plus 5
Arrow Ecoburn Plus 5 Widescreen
Villager Duo 5
Hamlet Solution 5