Briquettes Products


Briquettes are still a relatively new product to the UK market but people who try them usually love them for their long burn time and ease of storage.

Ideal when space is a premium or if you want to be able to neatly stack you winter fuel in a cupboard, fuel store or garage.

Verdo wood briquettes are manufactured from virgin softwood and meet all the top standards of sustainability and quality such as FSC, Grown in Britain and HETAS ‘Woodsure+’. Verdos are easy to light, burn with an intense heat and produce a minimum amount of ash (less than 0.7%).

Our Hotties Heat Logs burn with a great heat and they don’t expand nearly as much as Verdo briquettes. Often called hot rods due to how they sometimes glow they are an ideal companion to our kiln dried logs. Hotties are proving a popular replacement for Verdo briquettes with many people favouring these.

Hotmax Fuel Logs are the by product of the Bedmax horse bedding that we also stock. They have a slightly higher ash content than Verdos or Hotties but they burn for a long time and are an ideal fuel to compliment our kiln dried logs. Mix the two for a super long burn time! Unlike Hotties and Verdos Hotmax come loose in a bag. The various size pieces allow you to fill up you stove similar to how you might with coal.

Why not try something a bit different and add some of our Born na Mona Irish peat briquettes to you order. As a briquette these give out better heat than ordinary peat and you get that lovely peat smell especially if they are used in a chiminea or open fire.

The briquettes must be stored in dry conditions.