Contura Stoves in Stirling & Falkirk

At Calido Logs & Stoves in Stirling, we specialise and stock a range Contura Stoves, designed and manufactured in Sweden. When you choose Calido Logs & Stoves to purchase your new stove, you can trust that you’re in the best hands as our team have the knowledge and experience required when it comes to stoves.

Why choose Contura Stoves?

Contura have been manufacturing wood burning stoves for many years, which means that they have been able to create a range of energy efficient, stylish, modern and eco-friendly stoves.  Unlike other brands who supply showrooms via a UK distributor Contura supply us direct from Sweden. Cutting out the distributor makes them one of the best value wood burning stoves on the market.
Contura are constantly researching and developing new combustion technologies to improve heat output. The high efficiency of all their stoves shows that a modern Contura stove turns most of the calorific value of wood into useful heat. When fired with our kiln dried birch firewood there is no nicer or warmer sight than a Contura wood burning stove.

Contura Stoves Warranty
When purchased through an approved dealer you get a 5 year warranty with your new Contura stove. An approved dealer will also be able to spare spares from stock or with a fast delivery time. Contura like all quality stoves recommend buying your stove from one of their approved dealers.

The benefits of Contura stoves…
Made in Sweden for proper winters!
Environment – Contura stoves are some of the most clean-burning and efficient stoves on offer in Europe. Every stove is tested in conjunction with European standards.
Quality – Stoves are inspected before leaving the factory and all come with a 5 year warranty.
Low emissions and High heating value – with Contura stoves you’ll get the most out of your firewood as polluting gases are burnt before leaving the chimney.
Value for money – no middle man means you get the best quality and also best value for money.

Check out Contura Stoves at Calido Logs & Stoves Showroom located 5 minutes from Stirling and 15 minutes from Falkirk.
At Calido Logs and stoves in Stirling our team of specialists have been carefully selected by Contura to provide their stoves and have also received the relevant and necessary training to make sure that we can offer a comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service.

As with all our stoves at Calido Logs & Stoves, we’re ideally placed when it comes to recommending the correct Contura stove for your home. What’s more is we also offer a full installation service to the highest standard via our HETAS approved installer.

Your Local Stove Provider
Based at Bandeath Industrial Estate in Stirling, our stove showroom has a selection of renowned brands including Contura stoves and many more on show. Calido Logs & Stoves can help you choose the perfect stove, we use stoves ourselves so we have a lot of experience in the area. What’s more is we also deliver around Stirling, Falkirk and the further Scotland area. Choose the knowledgeable team at Calido Logs & Stoves and our specialists will help you select the perfect wood burning or multi-fuel stove for your home, office or business.We currently have the following stoves available to view in our showroom:

The Contura 556G:1 Style stove in white
The Contura 810 stove in Grey
The Contura 51L stove in Black
The Contura i4 Modern inset stove
The Contura 810 Compact

Why choose Calido Logs for your new stove?
At Calido Logs our professionals we have the experience and knowledge to ensure that the stoves we provide are only of the highest standard. Our team only stock quality stoves from renowned brands including Contura, meaning that either way you’ll be pleased with your new stove. We understand that every client is different and so is every stove, so we strive to ensure that the stove product you choose meets your every desire.

For Contura Stoves choose, Calido Logs and Stoves in Stirling
When in comes to buying your new Contura stove, look no further than Calido Logs & Stoves. For more information on our products, feel free to give our team a ring, or see below for some of the excellent stove products we have in stock.

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