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Wood-burning stoves have become ever more popular over the past few years, with both designers and consumers. Both efficient and practical, stoves have evolved into veritable heating solutions.

Wood-burning stoves function with the leading renewable source of energy in France: wood biomass. This heating system is ecological and creates a unique atmosphere, with a gain in thermal comfort.

There are two possible uses for wood-burning stoves, each of them tailored to a specific need:

– the use of wood-burning stoves by home owners or tenants wishing to use this material as their main heating.
– Or the use of a wood-burning stove as an extra heating or atmospheric system.

Invicta designs are fresh, modern and expressive, making them the perfect talking-piece, as well as heating source for your home. At the top of the page, we have the Invicta Ove.

Some of their other unique stoves, include the: Pow-Wow, Fifty Arche, Alcande, Ilot, Bradford, and the Presage.

Pow Wow stove

The Pow-Wow: 

  • Like a totem in the living room, this large format chimney stove celebrates the sacred spirit of fire. Its modern and ethnic lines give it an undeniable charm.
  • Efficient by extreme cold, this all cast-iron chimney stove can work with open doors to enjoy a traditional fire.
  • It also works with open doors, spreading the authenticity and delight of a fire in the hearth of the family home.
  • Efficiency: 76%.
  • Optimal Heat output : 14 kW.
  • Post-combustion system.
  • Extended burning 8 hours.
  • Airwash system.
  • Log length : 50 cm.
  • Flue diameter : 200 mm.
  • Flue location : top.
  • Works also with open doors.
  • Weight : 194 kg.
  • Finishing : Anthracite.
  • Warranty : 5 years.

The Presage Stove

The Presage:

  • The unique shape of the door, allows the magic of the flames to be even more prominent and the post-modern design will make this stove an eye-catching centre-piece in your home.
  • Optimal Heat output : 10 kW.
  • Efficiency : 76 %.
  • Post-combustion system.
  • Extended burning 8 hours.
  • Airwash system.
  • Log length : 44 cm.
  • Flue diameter : 180 mm.
  • Flue location : top.
  • Weight : 169 kg.
  • Finishing : Anthracite.
  • Warranty : 5 years.

At Calido, we do not currently have any Invicta stoves in our showroom, however, we would be delighted to talk to you about them and potentially order one in. For more information on Invicta stoves, see here.

Please note that the product information has been sourced from Invicta provided brochures, website details and installation manuals, and as a result, these sources and not Calido are accountable for any incorrect or inconsistent information.

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