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Calido Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs - no splitting, no spitting, just ready to burn logs that will make your fire sing!

Kiln Dried Logs from Calido Logs & Stoves are amongst the best on the market! We take great care to make sure our logs are dried to below 20% on average. As a member of the Woodsure Ready to Burn Scheme you can rest assured our logs are ready for immediate use. We deliver our crates and nets nationwide with free delivery to most UK postcode areas.

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READY TO BURN KILN DRIED LOGS Kiln dried logs are easy to light, produce more heat per log than seasoned logs and they're far less likely to leave sticky creosote deposits in your chimney or flue liner therefore reducing risk of chimney fires and ensuring your stove performs at it's optimum all the time. We are always surprised to see people spending several thousands of pounds on a wood burning stove yet they opt for the cheapest fuel possible. As well as leading to problems with your stove in the future most stove manufacturers require you to burn wood with 20% moisture content or less to maintain the warranty.  Burning anything over 20% and the warranty on your new stoves becomes null and void! Wet wood is the most common cause for issues with woodburning and multifuel stoves, problems such as difficulty lighting your fire, the stove glass getting black, excess smoke, sticky door seals, chimney fires and many more can all be easily rectified by burning our Kiln Dried Logs! We have a range of high quality Kiln Dried Logs for sale, which can give out much more heat per logs than unseasoned wood. This is because our Kiln Dried Logs - as the name suggests are dried, single species at a time through a purpose built kiln which guarantees the best kiln dried hardwood logs in Scotland (and the UK!), a big claim but our reviews back it up! Our logs are not dried in converted shipping containers, wasteful drying floors or other make shift kilns that just do not dry the logs properly. You can burn our kiln dried hardwood logs straight away - no extra drying time is required hence why we recommend a Log Store with closed sides or a garage as the best place to store them. Our long lasting Kiln Dried Logs are the perfect multi-functional fuel; you can also use  our kiln dried ash firewood for cooking with in wood fired pizza ovens, chimeneas, or wood fired hot tubs! As one of the major log suppliers in Scotland with UK coverage we have logs available all year round.  All Kiln Dried Logs ARE NOT the same! Give Calido a try and see for yourself!