BOIL WATER & COOK FAST in the outdoors with the famous Kelly Kettle ®.

Use the steel fire-base of the Kettle as a simple Wood CAMPING STOVE. Check out the amazing Accessories that can be added if you already own a Kelly kettle. The Hobo Stove for fast and easy cooking in the outdoors, Camp Cups, Cook Sets, Plates, etc.

The Kelly Kettle System is one of the most useful pieces of camping equipment that any outdoors person can own!

Available in various sizes there is a Kettle for you! You can also choose between Aluminium or Stainless Steel models. All Kelly Kettles come with a durable stainless steel fire-base, drawstring carry bag, instruction leaflet and a 2yr Limited Warranty as standard.

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What are Kelly Kettles?

Kelly Kettles are the original carbon-neutral volcano kettle. The design is simple, yet highly effective at boiling water rapidly, using only natural fuels, such as leaves, pinecones, twigs and any other natural source of kindling. Kelly Kettles offer several different sizes and designs. Kelly kettles are popular amongst scouts, fishermen and campers, so if you're looking for a bushcraft kettle, a volcano kettle for trekking or just an eco-friendly campfire kettle, then look no further than the original and the best outdoor fire-fuelled kettle by Kelly Kettles.

Sizes Explained

Base Camp‘ Kettle – the traditional size used by Irish Fishermen. 1.6ltr capacity. Great for groups, family outings, leaving in Boats, Car Camping, Garden Allotments, Power Outages, etc. ‘Scout‘ Kettle – a mid sized kettle. 1.2 litre capacity. Same width as the Base Camp but not as tall. Great for small groups, Scouts, Family Picnics, Beach, etc. ‘Trekker‘ – the smallest kettle. 0.6 litre capacity. Same height as the Scout kettle, but thinner for packing small. Ideal for 1-2 people. Great for Backpacking, Trekking, Kayaking, Hill Walking, etc.

How to Use a Kettle?

  • Remove the kettle from the base and fill with water.
  • Put some tinder into the base of the kettle and light. We tend to carry a fire steel, which is a very good way of lighting a fire without matches or a lighter.
  • When the tinder is lit, put the kettle back onto the base and quickly feed the fire with twigs, dry leaves, or whatever other materials you have at hand, by dropping them through the chimney.  When we are in a woodland we find that the side branches of conifer trees work very well in the Kelly kettle as they are brittle and full of resin so catch light quickly, even in wet weather.
  • The water should boil quickly and then you can have yourself a nice cup of tea!

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