Wood Fired Ovens and Pizza Ovens

In Stirling and across Scotland

At Calido Logs, we supply wood fired ovens and pizza ovens across Stirling and Scotland. When it comes to our products, we only supply customers with the best quality, ensuring you receive the perfect outdoor pizza oven. Our team are experts in the area, so if you’re looking for wood fired ovens in Stirling or across the Scotland area, make sure you choose Calido Logs.

Wood fired pizza ovens at our Stirling showroom

Outdoor wood fired ovens are a great way to entertain your friends this summer, our mobile pizza oven from La Hacienda is amazing value and ideal for outdoor cooking. You’re sure to have your garden party guests mesmerised.

We also provide clay pizza ovens which get great feedback from our customers. They’re super insulated wood fired ovens and can be used for a number of different things including pizzas, meat, bread and more. Operating out of our wood fire oven showroom in Stirling, we also provide delivery across Mainland Scotland, England or Wales, what’s more is we deliver our clay and mobile pizza ovens are FREE!

Pizza ovens in Stirling and Scotland

The pizza and wood fire ovens we provide are very versatile and can be used for more than just cooking pizzas. Many of our customers have enjoyed using their pizza ovens for BBQs and also baking flatbread and even homemade lasagne. The products we provide are stylish, functional, economical and cook the most amazing food for you, your family and your party guests!

When you choose a wood fired oven from Calido Logs, you can trust you’re in the right hands as our products are easy to clean, efficient and economical whilst including the most innovative and up to date technology.

Wood fired ovens for sale from Calido Logs

If you are in Central Scotland and would like your clay pizza oven or masonry BBQ assembled on delivery please get in touch before ordering and we can discuss our assembly services with you!

For more information on our wood fired ovens and BBQ’s including our Masonry BBQ’s click¬†here for the ultimate companion for your clay pizza oven!

To buy our wood fire and pizza ovens in Stirling and the surrounding areas, simply contact Calido Logs today!

So should you require a wood fired oven, simply call Calido Logs, we can be on on hand to assist. No matter where you’re located across Scotland, get in touch and we can also deliver at no additional cost. Or you can visit our Stirling showroo, simply contact us.