Outdoor Garden Wood Fired Ovens or Pizza Ovens

Outdoor wood fired ovens are a great way to entertain friends this summer. Our mobile pizza oven from La Hacienda is amazing value and  ideal to give  outdoor cooking a go,. You will have you garden party guests mesmerised!

If you really want to get tongues wagging our clay pizza ovens are amazing. These are super insulated wood fired ovens and can be used for pizza’s meat, bread and more. If you are anywhere in Mainland Scotland, England or Wales we can deliver our clay and mobile pizza ovens for FREE..!

Check out our BBQ’s including our Masonry BBQ’s here for the ultimate companion for your clay pizza oven!

If you are in Central Scotland and would like your clay pizza oven or masonry BBQ assembled on delivery please get in touch before ordering and we can discuss our assembly services with you!