Not sure what to buy? Try our products before you buy in bulk with our convenient sample packs. The sample pack price shown includes UK Mainland delivery.

Each sample pack comes with a discount code specific to that product for *£10 off a full or half pallet so you have nothing to lose! Pick a sample pack, order online, we’ll post it out to you as soon as we can along with a voucher for your *£10 off if you decide to go ahead with a half or full pallet at a later date.

Samples of all the following products can be purchased now:

  • HOTTIES HEAT LOGS – Best for intense heat and a steady burn, they live up to their name! Two of these at a time is enough for most stoves, especially any stoves of 5kw or below.
  • LEWIS RUF BRIQUETTES – Similar burn type to Verdo Briquettes but without the expansion and they’re actually available now!!! We’ve had great feedback on these so far with some preferring them to Verdo’s. I certainly prefer them as I didn’t like the way the Verdo’s expanded in some of our smaller showroom stoves and I didn’t like the mess when breaking them either.
  • LEWIS BARK BRIQUETTES – Best for a longer burn towards the end of the night, these burn best when added to a hot fire. With the draft closed we got 6 hours out of two of these. Every stoves burn time will vary but we like them! We also don’t recommend closing the air supply off completely so maybe nearer a 4 hour burn time with a little air supply in our stove.
  • HOTMAX FUEL LOGS – Best for packing on top of an existing fire due to the varying briquette sizes. Our lowest price briquette which has a mix of bark and white wood for a clean burn.
  • KILN DRIED BIRCH LOGS – These are our favourite, try a box to see that all birch is not the same. Unlike certain home stores who shall remain nameless our birch is from more mature trees where the wood is denser meaning it doesn’t burn quite so fast. Kiln dried birch is best for those wanting something easy to light, that gets hot fast and has a lovely bright flame! We think this is hard to beat as for us it’s as much about the appearance when burning as it is about burn time.
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