Calido Logs & Stoves in Stirling offer a range of boiler stoves known for their efficiency and quality when it comes to heating your property. So should you require one of the best stoves, choose boiler Stoves from Calido showroom in Stirling, we can offer a full selection.

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Boiler Stoves throughout Scotland

Boiler stoves are designed in a way where they don’t just heat a room, they can also heat the rest of your home at the same time. Boiler stoves are essentially multi fuel stoves that come with a back boiler, this is to give you the option of using a multi-fuel stove to run your hot water and central heating.The boiler stoves that we provide across Scotland use both modern stove manufacturing methods and innovative techniques. Having highly skilled craftsmanship and engineering expertise makes sure that Boiler stoves are manufactured to only the highest standard.

Why Choose Boiler Stoves?

A wood burning stove is an amazing investment piece for your home, if you are simply replacing an older style open fire it can have potential to reduce your homes carbon footprint by 14% and will make the most of the wood’s environmentally neutral and renewable energy. It can be a daunting decision to replace an existing appliance or to install a stove from scratch into your living space but there are many options to choose from. At Calido we supply a large range of boiler stoves, call one of our team members today to find out more.

Benefits of Boiler Stoves

Boiler stoves incorporate back boilers that take some of the stove’s output and heat water for domestic hot water or central heating. They can reduce home fuel bills which can make your home less reliant on gas and electricity as well as helping to reduce the heat output of the room, so you can enjoy a fire without overheating the room.Boiler stoves are fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly, so they will help to increase your property’s home green credentials as well as lower your carbon footprint.Back boiler stoves are becoming very popular due to rising prices of gas and other fuels. By installing a boiler stove in your home can supply you with direct and radiant heat. If you already have a wood burning or multi-fuel stove in your home, you may be interested in a back-boiler stove. However, some modern back boilers are aesthetically pleasing enough to become a beautiful addition to many living areas.

Where to Buy Boiler Stoves in Scotland

At Calido we supply a range of boiler stoves as well as undergo all of the necessary training to ensure that we provide our customers with a complete sales service when they purchase their new boiler stove. The range of boiler stoves we provide at Calido aims to provide an efficient and effective output in your home, we also provide a full installation which is offered to only the highest quality.The professional team at Calido provide only the highest standard of customer service which includes a after sales service. View our selection of boiler stoves or for more information, simply visit our Stirling stove showroom.

Your Local Stove Company in Scotland

From our base in Stirling, our stove showroom provides a range of only well-known boiler stove brands like Carraig Mor stoves and many more. The professionals at Calido can help you choose the perfect boiler stove, having years of skills and experience in the area means that you can trust that you’re in the right hands.We also pride ourselves on the first-class delivery service that we provide in and around Stirling as well as the further Scotland area. Choose knowledgeable specialists to help you select the perfect boiler stove for your home, office or business.

Contact Calido Logs & Stoves for Boiler Stoves in Scotland

If you are based in Scotland and looking to buy or in need of more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team members today. We are HETAS approved retailers, and all our Installers are HETAS and GasSAFE Registered. We can arrange a site survey at your home as well as being able to give you a reasonably accurate estimate for your installation over the phone or by email, organizing your entire installation from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boiler Stoves in Scotland

What Type of Stove is Right for Me?This depends on a number of factors. The style and size of your property come into play, as well as the level of insulation you have in your home. Budget is also a key factor.The best way to get a real feel for the type of stove that is right for you is to see one in the flesh. We recommend visiting our Stirling showroom to get a better idea of what you’re looking for. Our experienced team can then advise you on the specifics based on your personal situation.Can Any Property have a Stove?Generally, yes. Any home is suitable, whether you have a flat, apartment or a house. However, amendments may need to be made. You’ll also need to check if there are any planning restrictions or lease terms which restrict your options. Generally, if a house has a chimney, it is usually fine to fit a stove, and if no chimney is present, a rigid flue system can be built, either straight up and through the roof, or out through the wall and up the side of the building.How Long Does Installation Usually Take?Installation times can vary due to the difference in the work involved. Our work varies from installing a stove and liner to your existing opening which will always be completed within a day, through to a full knock-out of your chimney breast including building work and installation of stove, fireplace and flue which can take up to three days.