40 Ash Net Bags Saver Bundle



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Included in this bundle:

40 Large Ash Net Bags – Ready to Burn kiln dried ash below 20% moisture on average. Volume equates to approximately 3.33 loose filled standard builders bags

Calido Wood Briquettes (10 briquettes) – our best selling briquette log. Made from locally sourced sawmill residue these are a great sustainable winter heat log.

Hotties Heat Logs (20 briquettes)  – Hotties are a very well known briquette. They are Woodsure Ready To Burn approved and are made in the UK.

Hot Blox Heat Logs (24 briquettes)  – a good alternative to traditional firewood. These are ideal if you need something that’s easy to store. The heat logs are packed in circa 10kg packs for easy handling.

Long Burning Night Briquettes (24 briquettes) – made from 100% Bark and are suitable for woodburning stoves and open fires. They can also be used in chimineas in the summer months.

Kiln Dried Kindling (8 net bags) – Ready to Burn with moisture content well below 20%, approx. 3kg per net bag.

Waxling Firelighters (1 bag) – These are clean to handle, easy to light and give sufficient heat that one Waxling firelighter will be enough for a a kiln dried log when used with 6 to 8 kindling sticks.

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Weight 720 kg

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    Terrain must be relatively level to operate the tail-lift. This should be considered for sites on a slope as it may be too dangerous to unload the vehicle on certain slopes.



    The lorry has a tail lift that allows the driver to get the logs/stove/oven off the vehicle, the goods will be packed on a pallet and the driver will have a pallet truck to move it.

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