Hotmax Heat Logs – 20kg


HOTMAX benefits:

  • Clean and easy to handle
  • Quick and easy to light Stable and safe in the fireplace
  • No resin build-up
  • Reliably consistent quality
  • Low ash residue & emissions

Not available for single purchase – may only be purchased alongside one of our firewood products

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Hotmax heat logs, Clean, convenient and cost effective.

Hotmax heat logs or wood briquettes are an ideal source of heat for your home in winter and for outdoor use in chimineas during the summer. Made form 100% natural, recycled softwood dust they’re very easy to light and they give you very high heat very quickly with very low emissions and low ash residue.

Hotmax Fuel Logs offer you a cost-effective, convenient and eco-friendly alternative for your fire, available to add to you firewood order for delivery across the UK or can also be collected from our store near Stirling.

There are no additives in HOTMAX whatsoever. Wood is simply extruded under pressure (but with minimal energy) into densely compact, pure wood heat logs, bound together by the natural lignin inherent in the wood.

Lighting Tips:
Break a number of Hotmax heat logs into smaller discs which makes lighting a Hotmax fire really simple.
– Place two of our waxling firelighters on the grates with 4 or 5 small hotmax disc on top and light!
– If you’re using a stove you might find that closing the door a little (but leaving it open by an inch or so) will help draw air in and get the fire started.
– As the Hotmax heat logs begins to burn more fiercely you can add more small briquettes. At this stage make sure that you leave space around them so that the air can circulate. Again, pushing the door so that it is almost closed, this will help start your fire faster.
– Start adding larger briquettes. Once the briquettes are burning well you can rake them a little to spread them out. This gives you a great bed to add the larger pieces of Hotmax to.
– That’s it, Your fire is now burning efficiently with Hotmax.

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