Kiln Dried Ash Crate + Long Burn Night Briquettes Bundle

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  • 1.2 meter high stacked pallet of premium kiln dried birch firewood and 14 packs of 12 Long Burning Night Briquettes (168 individual briquettes)
  • Volume equates to approximately 2 loose filled standard builders bags
  • Ready to Burn kiln dried ash below 20% moisture – normally circa 15%.
  • Cut to approximately 25cm long so suitable for most stoves, open fires and chimeneas
  •  Pallet Dimensions – 1.17 m3 – 1.15 x 0.85 x 1.20 (450kg)
  •  Long burn time with steady flame
  • Kiln Dried Kindling

  • Firelighters

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Kiln Dried Ash Firewood Crate + Long Burning Night Briquettes

Kiln Dried Ash Crate – 1.17m3

Our 1.17m3 crates of kiln dried ash are Ready to Burn approved so guaranteed to be under 20% moisture content. After our birch 1.17m3 crates these are our most popular product due to the convenient size. Cut to 25cm approximately they fit most stoves on the market today. Ash burns a little longer than birch although not as bright. It gives a nice steady release of heat.

The one question that we are asked a lot is what is the difference between birch and ash firewood?

Birch burns brighter, gets hotter quicker and is ideal for stoves with a large viewing glass. Birch does burn a little bit faster than ash but for occasional use or in a stove with a large viewing glass, Birch is usually the best option. Ash wood is more dense than birch so therefore an ash log of equivalent size of birch log will generally burn a little longer and provide a more even heat.

Long Burning Night Briquettes.

Made from softwood bark these night briquettes are ideal when a longer burn time is required. Add two or three briquettes to a an existing fire and reduce the airflow into the stove for a long burn time.

Consider and Upgrade!
For the serious wood burners out there, you could consider our larger Ash Value Crate and 24 packs of Long Burning Night Briquettes here

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