PIZAZZ Pizza Oven Logs One Box

//PIZAZZ Pizza Oven Logs One Box

PIZAZZ Pizza Oven Logs One Box

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Pizazz are 100% Sweet Chestnut hardwood briquettes designed specifically for wood-fired pizza ovens.   Manufactured in the UK the hardwood briquettes burn longer and hotter than traditional firewood.

Features of our Pizza Oven Wood:

  • Size 80mm wide by 300mm
  • Pizza oven fuel supplied in 14kg boxes – 8 per box
  • Our pizza oven fuel is made in the UK
  • Hardwood pizza oven briquettes – 100% Sweet Chestnut
  • Non -toxic with no additives or binders
  • Burns hot so ovens are quicker to heat up
  • Easy and clean to handle
  • Easy to stack wood for pizza ovens
  • Consistent burn time
  • No expansion during burning
  • Low ash residue (0-5-0.7%) which keeps ovens clean
  • Low moisture content – less than 5% (average wood moisture content is between 25- 50%)
  • No spitting or sparking

In stock


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