Waxling Firelighters

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May only be purchased with Pallets of Products such Nets, Crates or Briquettes

Waxlings will not be shipped with sample packs or mini packs  – the product cost will be refunded and the remainder of the order will be shipped without this item.

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Wood wool soaked in beeswax and candlewax. They contain no nasty smelling paraffin/petroleum products. They are clean to handle, easy to light and give sufficient heat that one Waxling firelighter will a kiln dried log when used with 6 to 8 kindling sticks. (Do not confuse these with the smaller, looser and less effective ‘Flamers’ – These burn for between 5 to 10 minutes giving ample time to light your fire in most cases). Packaging may vary – approx 40 per pack

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