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Multi-fuel stoves

This is a popular choice and our experience has shown a number of our customers in Scotland choosing a wood burning stove installation in their property. Choosing a wood burning stove from our Scotland Stoves Centre will allow you to burn well seasoned logs, giving you a great fire as well as warming up your home.

There’s a number of reasons to go for a wood burning stove, such as…

  • – Transforming your room
  • – Visually appealing
  • – Warmth
  • – Comfort
  • – Making a statement
  • – Brightening up your space
  • – Adding character

What our customers say

Phones answered quickly. Polite and helpful staff. Very quick delivery. A very good shopping experience and will definitely use again. Many thanks

Ron Wyvill

Choose your local Scotland Stove Centre

At Calido our team have the experience and knowledge to make sure that all of the stoves we provide are only of the highest standard. We only stock quality stoves from renowned brands, meaning that either way you’ll be pleased with your new stove. We understand that every one of our customers is different and so is every stove, so we’ll make sure that the stove product you choose doesn’t just meet, but it also exceeds all of your expectations.

Stove Installations

For your new stove, when you choose Calido in Scotland, our professionals have the skills and knowledge to help you choose the perfect product for your home. We also pride ourselves on providing products and services to the highest standard, so you can trust that you’re in the right hands.

Visit our local stove showroom in Scotland, it has a large selection of products on display from many renowned stove brands, what’s more is at Calido, we provide a value for money service which includes only the most competitive stove prices across Scotland.

The stoves at our showroom include Arada, Charnwood, Woodwarm, TermatechHenley, Dovre, Yeoman, Future Fires, Purevision, Fireline and Mendip.

For wood burning and multi fuel stoves in Scotland, Calido Logs & Stoves have you covered!

We at Calido Logs & Stoves have many customers throughout the whole of Scotland and are the local choice when it comes to multi fuel and wood burning stoves. As the years have passed our business has grown vastly but still operates from our base in Stirling and across Scotland. Our customer base started in Stirling, but now stretches to Dundee, Dunfermline, Glasgow, Perth and so on. Simply give us a call on 01786-357-057 or 0751-549-8006, converse via our online chat system, email or even come and visit us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Within reason any property may be suitable irrespective of whether a chimney is present. In most properties without an existing chimney a system chimney may be installed as opposed to building a new masonry chimney and may run within the property or externally providing it is safe to do so.

If this is something you are concerned about then don’t hesitate to get in touch today with our team at Calido, one of our friendly and advisable team members would be more than happy to help.

Lighting your stove in the most effective way could take a little bit of practise, especially if you have never lit one before. Below we’ve listed a simple step by step guide on lighting a fire…

  • Fully open the primary air vent/control and air wash controls
  • Place a firelighter or scrunched up newspaper together with some dry kindling wood on the grate, then light the firelighter or paper
  • Leave the door slightly ajar while the fire establishes, and the glass warms up
  • Once the fire is going, add some larger pieces of wood. It’s important to not fill the chamber with logs
  • When the logs have caught flame and the fire is fully establishes, close the door and then the primary air control completely
  • Use the air wash to control the burn rate when the appliance is at operating temperature
  • Maintain the fire frequently with small amounts of additional fuel

It is ALWAYS important that the room in which a stove is installed in has ventilation. This ensures an adequate amount of air for combustion to prevent any overheating and the efficiency operation of any flue. There are many ways of providing combustion ventilation, this is something one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to help you with this.

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