We are going to swap builders bags for the equivalent in net bags! Why? Well because they will save us time which will save you money!!

Lots of log suppliers love builders bags, we don’t! There are many reasons we don’t like them but the time taken to fill them, the manual handling involved, the not known if you can get them to the right place on delivery etc are all reasons that we don’t like them.

Builders bags are OK if you can get right to where they need to go and you drag them off or lift them with a hi-ab. With nets we can put them anywhere (almost!!)

From now one where possible we will be delivering the equivalent to 1 or 2 builders bag in nets. If customers really want a builders bag we will happily empty the nets into a builders bag on delivery.

We’ve filled a number of builders bags from our net bags and consistently found that 12 well filled nets equates to one builders bag!

We hope you as our customers appreciate the reasons for this change, don’t worry, the next contain the same great quality logs you’ve come to expect from us so you don’t loose out!