Kiln Dried Logs

According to statistics, about 10% of UK homes utilise an open fire or wood burning stove. That is approximately 2.5 million properties using wood as fuel for their heating systems.

Experts say that unseasoned wood with a high percentage of moisture content produces harmful particles and contributes on impairing air quality. That is why it is advisable to use ready to burn kiln dried logs, no matter what time of year they are bought. Kiln dried logs are highly recommended by manufacturers, log suppliers and stove companies as they have a low moisture content and do not require any additional drying time. Aside from these, we have listed more benefits of using kiln dried logs.

  • Excellent for stoves

Since kiln dried logs have a low moisture content, they burn at a higher temperature than other wood fuel. This means that water and sap are burned exhaustively which prevents tar from building up. Using kiln dried logs helps maximise your stove’s lifespan as it is less likely to rust over time.

  • Can be used immediately

Kiln dried logs are quick to ignite as they are more parched than other woods. You don’t have to wait for the wood to catch fire and warm your space. Compared to traditional seasoned wood, kiln dried logs have longer burning time and you can be assured that they burn throughout the night keeping the home warm until morning.

  • More Economical

Because kiln dried logs burn longer, you don’t have to stock up on a multitude of logs. With its higher heat content, you use less wood in a longer period of time. In the long term, you save more money using kiln dried logs as you would require less of these with the same heat output compared to the traditionally seasoned logs.

  • Produce Less Smoke

Kiln dried logs burn at a faster rate because of low moisture, which means less smoke is produced from excess water content. Smoke reduction also aids in maintaining your stove’s quality as well.

If you’re looking for premium kiln dried logs to use for your heating system, Calido Logs & Stoves is a reliable firewood and stove supplier in Central Scotland that can provide premium quality kiln dried birch, ash and oak logs supplied in crates, net bags and builders bags.

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