Woodwarm Stoves

At Calido Logs in Stirling, we specialise and stock a range Woodwarm Stoves, one of the leading stove companies across the UK. When you choose Calido Logs for your new stove, you can rest assured you’re in the best hands, our team have a range of skills and knowledge when it comes to stoves.

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Woodwarm Stoves in Stirling

Why choose Woodwarm Stoves?

Woodwarm stoves are known for being safe, single self contained units, they also eliminate waste and put the heat back into the room, where it belongs. The Woodwarm stoves that we provide feature an excellent air wash system as well as clean burn efficiency, this means that not only is more heat achieved with less fuel, but combustion products in the flue are also reduced which will cause fewer problems. Woodwarm Stoves provide reduction in pollution, and this along with more efficiency means that they are very environmentally friendly devices.

Long Lasting

Woodwarm’s quality manufacturing means that some fires are still in use 30 years later. Woodwarm understand what it takes to ensure you get the maximum use from your fuel, and are unrivalled in their boiler, canopy, fuel, colour, leg, handles, plinth, pedestal, options because they are hand-made here in the UK.

Hand made, hand designed, reliability assured

Throughout their product development procedures, Woodwarm ensure that they pay attention to detail, this ensures innovative and contemporary products. They also ensure that all manufacturing specifications and materials and included and active members of the Stove Industry Alliance. Woodwarm are renowned for their stoves across the UK, this is due to their innovative, unique and pro-active in understanding the importance of lifestyle trends and in putting the customer first.

Why choose Calido Logs for your new stove?

At Calido Logs our professionals we have the experience and knowledge to ensure that the stoves we provide are only of the highest standard. Our team only stock quality stoves from renowned brands including Woodwarm, meaning that either way you’ll be pleased with your new stove. Every client is different and so is every stove, so we’ll help to make sure that the stove product you choose meets your every preference and requirement.

Check out Woodwarm Stoves at Calido Logs in Stirling

We have been carefully selected by Woodwarm and the Calido Logs’ team have received all the necessary and relevant training to ensure that we can offer a comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service. As with all our stoves, we are ideally placed to recommend the correct Woodwarm stove for your home and we can also offer a full installation service to only the highest standard via our approved installer.

Buying your Stove with Calido Logs

Based in the historic Bandeath Industrial Estate, Stirling, we showcase renowned brands including Woodwarm stoves and many more. When it comes to deciding on the perfect stove for you, it couldn’t be easier with Calido Logs. Having years of experience in dealing with stoves, we know exactly what we’re talking about. As a result, we have knowledgeable specialists who can help you choose the perfect wood burning or multi-fuel stove for your home, office or business.

For Woodwarm Stoves choose, Calido Logs in Stirling

When in comes to buying your new Woodwarm stove, look no further than Calido Logs. For more information on our products, feel free to give our team a ring, or see below for some of the excellent stove products we have in stock.