Kiln dried firewood in net bags or poly bags is the best way to buy wood if crates are unsuitable for your property. If you have access restrictions like slopes, gravel or other restrictions then getting your firewood delivered in nets or poly bags is the answer.

Net bags won't protect the logs from rain if the logs are stored outside. We recommend all logs are stored in a garage, a shed of one of our logs stores here to keep them dry if at all possible.

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  • Nets of Logs - Builders bags equivalent
  • Nets of Logs - Builders bags equivalent
  • Nets of Logs - Builders bags equivalent
  • 24 Oak Net Bags
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  • 40 Large Net Bags - Birch
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    40 Large Net Bags – Birch

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  • 40 net bags kiln dried logs Scotland free delivery
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    56 Large Net Bags – Birch

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Nets & Poly Bags throughout Scotland

If you are based in Stirling, or anywhere in Scotland or the UK and you are in need of net bags of kiln dried logs, then don't hesitate to get in touch with Calido Logs & Stoves today! We are a reliable and reputable company specialising in a range of traditional, wood & multi-fuel burning stoves along with a wide range of accessories to go along side. Our net bags for logs and net bags for firewood are top quality products with a tie string at the mouth. Our log nets are made of knitted fabric or close woven nets for less stretch. Both types of fabric are suitable as net sacks for packing either wood, logs or kindling.  

Why Use Net & Poly Bags?

Net bags are ideal for deliveries where a crate isn't suitable. For example for properties with steps, gravel drives or steep inclines. The nets are the same great quality kiln dried hardwood logs as our crates.

For Net bags in Scotland, Contact Calido Today

At Calido have many customers throughout the whole of Scotland and are the local choice when it comes to multi fuel and wood burning stoves along with many wood burning and stove accessories. As the years have passed our business has grown vastly but still operates from our base in Stirling and across Scotland. Our customer base started in Stirling, but now stretches to Dundee, Dunfermline, Glasgow, Perth and so on. Simply give us a call on 01786-357-057 or converse via our online chat system, email or even come and visit us!