Luxury Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Based in Stirling, Scotland, we are premier suppliers for Kirami luxury wood fired hot tubs. With hot tubs installed across Scotland from Aberdeen to the Scottish borders, we've got you covered!

Our Stirling showroom is within 40 minutes drive of Edinburgh and Glasgow where we have a selection of Kirami hot tubs on display.

All Kirami hot tubs are made by hand and as your local dealer, we carry our best-selling models in stock along with a range of hot tub spares and accessories should you need them.

Whether you are looking for a small intimate hot tub for 2 people or something for the whole family, we have the perfect wood fired hot tub for you! With a Kirami wood fired hot tub, you have the freedom to place your hot tub in the ideal location. It's as simple as adding water, lighting the fire and relaxing!


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    Our Recent Wood Fired Hot Tub Installations

    • Kirami breezy m kilmarnock

    Our Recent Wood Fired Hot Tub Installations

    • Kirami Wood Fired Hot Tub Landing Page Image
      Kirami Family M Thermowoood installed in Aberdeen.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have Wood Fired Hot Tubs in your showroom?
    We have our best-selling tubs which are the Tiny, Dark Walnut Breezy and Thermowood Family M available to view in our Stirling showroom.

    How long do Wood Fired Hot Tubs take to heat?
    It depends on the fuel and size of the burner.  For smaller hot tubs, you can expect the tub to be heated in 2 hours and for larger tubs around 3 hours.

    How do I control the temperature of a Wood Fired Hot Tub?
    Simply add cold water or put in less fuel to lower the temperature,  or add more fuel to increase the temperature.

    Do I need power for a Wood Fired Hot Tub?
    No, all you need is a water supply and fuel.

    Do your Wood Fired Hot Tubs have jets?
    Our Tubs do not have jets.  We believe wood-fired hot tubs are a more peaceful experience than electric hot tubs with jets.

    Are Wood Fired Hot Tubs expensive to run?
    Compared to an electric hot tub, they are usually cheaper as you are only heating them up when you want to use them.

    Do Wood Fired Hot Tubs stay warm overnight?
    They will usually stay warm until the following morning as long as you use the insulated cover.

    What maintenance is required on a Wood Fired Hot Tub?
    Depending on how exposed the site is and weather conditions, wood may need to be treated every 1-2 years.  On the larger burners, there is an anti corrosion anode that should be changed once per year – this costs around £50 and is very easy to change.  Regular cleaning between use is recommended.

    Can the flue be extended?
    Yes, we can provide a 1m flue extension,  price to be confirmed on order.

    Can the burner be placed further away from the hot tub?
    Yes, this can be done using a 3 inch radiator hose pipe.  It voids the warranty if the burner is placed more than 1m away from the tub.

    How long is the warranty on a Kirami Wood Fired Hot Tub?
    The warranty is 2 years – this does not cover damage from misuse or lack of maintenance.

    Can the Wood Fired Hot Tub be situated on decking?
    This all depends on the quality of the decking structure.  The 2 man hot tub can normally be placed on decking.  The larger hot tubs weigh approximately 1,000kg when full before adding people therefore the decking should be engineered to cope with this weight.

    What is the best fuel for a wood fired hot tub?
    Kiln Dried Logs are acceptable, however due to the higher energy content of our Pini Kay Oak Briquettes, these will get your wood fired hot tub up to temperature faster than logs.  You can see them here